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Saturday 6th August – Saturday 13th August 2022



Dear parishioners,

‘What sort of steward, then, is faithful and wise enough for the master to place him over his household…? (From this Sunday’s Gospel Luke 12: 32 -48)

Having other people in your power is a great responsibility, and of course, public figures have to accept the good and bad with that, even more so nowadays that people so easily resort to anonymous complaining and attacks, hiding behind modern media in increasingly vicious campaigns against them.

But the good steward in these days, has to take the lies and calumny and insults as he always has, only now, with modern media, it spreads faster and further. Of course, we live in the world and see this going on, but we should not engage in it. We saw this in the resolution of a celebrity court case last week. But this does not just effect celebrities. Do you believe everything that’s sent to you on social media about others, especially someone in your social community? We need to question it and ask who is this hurting? Are you sure it's wholly true and just? Is it exaggerated? Do I want to participate in the wounding of another, because gossip, whether face to face, in the home on the phone or through modern electronic devices, is still a cowardly ‘knife in the back’. We need to remember too that we will be accountable to God for engaging in calumny against another because whilst that item is on my phone it is my responsibility what I do with that information, my weapon to discard and heal or re-send and wound.

Yes, with the mobile phone, the reputation of that person is now literally in my hands. I may now have power over the powerful. I become the steward of his or her reputation, so we need to think before we re-send. It is helpful to recall that many public figures are 'public servants' and are probably doing their best to serve you, even if you don't agree with them. This is most significant with our members of parliament, but is also true of teachers and clergy. Like them or not, they are public servants. If unkind talk is about someone local, do I go and speak to that person myself if it concerns her rather than just adding to a vicious frenzy? If it’s someone famous, we should remember that this person is not just an image on the screen but a real person who can be wounded by thousands of people passing on evil talk. And be clear about your intentions: is that what you want – to hurt another? Is that what Our Lord Jesus Christ wants you to do? It’s so easy to press send, but ask God the Holy Spirit for self- control of your finger as well as your tongue.

We serve the Lord well by being stewards of one another and remembering that those who serve us belong to the Lord too, and we should be concerned for their welfare as those we serve should be concerned for ours. St John says ‘ We can be sure that we love God’s children IF we love God himself and do what he has commanded us.’ In other words, ‘Love God and love your neighbour as yourself’. We are all called to be stewards of one another, to look out for one another. That’s what God commands us to do to lead out of our sinful nature. Who, then, can overcome this? Only the man or woman who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. That’s the route to Heaven, and Scripture warns us that there is a different destination for those who don’t believe it and fail to practice it through their good works in imitation of Him, whether they are publicly in the Church or not.


1. Saturday 7th August 2022 from 12.10 p.m. meeting at the Friday Market in Walsingham and processing along the ‘Pilgrim’s Way’ to the National Shrine of England.

2. Saturday 13th Augsut 2022 from 9.30 a.m. at St.Saviour’s, Lewisham.

3. Saturday 27th August 2022 from 10.15 a.m. at St. George’s Cathedral.

MEETING YOUR PARISH PRIEST. Following the good reception of the invitation to speak about matters concerning you in the life of the parish and the positive response to our conversations last week, the invitation is extended to the evening of Monday 1st August and/or Monday 8th August. Please come by yourself or with a fellow parishioner who worships here and talk with your parish priest and a pastoral councillor. Please call or email the parish priest to make the appointment, or speak with a member of the pastoral council.

THE LATIN MASS SOCIETY PILGRIMAGE FROM ELY TO WALSINGHAM. 25TH TO 28TH AUGUST. You are invited to join us for our annual pilgrimage to the Basilica shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Pilgrims arrive early on Thursday and after an early mass on Friday, begin the walk to Walsingham, arriving on Sunday. Family groups and individuals welcome. For more information & to register: or call 020 7404 7284.

‘Children’s Liturgy’ on Sundays at 9.00 a.m. will be taking a summer break and will resume in the autumn term.

FOOD BANK. Don’t forget the Food Bank collection crate in the Church Porch! People are not managing to afford the basic essentials of life. If you can contribute some long life milk, canned food, packets of pasta, toilet rolls or any other non-perishable basics, you will be helping our neighbours in great need.

THURSDAY LUNCH CLUB There will be no lunch club on Thursday 28th July, Thursday 4th August, Thursday 11th August and will resume on Thursday 18th August. We welcome to the Church Hall for three weeks a summer camp for children.

Memorial Requiem for Joan Troy (16th March 1924 – 13th August 2020) A Requiem Mass is to be held for Joan Margaret Troy (née Welch) on 23rd August 2022 at 12.00 noon. She died peacefully of natural causes on 13th August 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic at Eastham Care Home in Chelmsford, Essex at the age of 96. Joan and her deceased husband John William Troy were stalwarts of the Saint Thomas More’s Parish and were ever present for Sunday Mass and Holy Days. John was a long serving member of the Knights of Saint Columba, and served a term as Grand Knight. They were both extremely active in fund raising to enhance the parish and its facilities. Joan will be well- remembered by the older parishioners for her service on the bar in the newly- built church hall most Friday nights with her dear friend Freda Ross. All are welcome to join the family at this mass. Joan Troy R.I.P.


For all our brothers and sisters who ate the Body of Christ, the bread of Life, that they may be raised up on the Last Day. (Drawn from the intercession of the Funeral Mass)

Please pray for the soul of:

Robert Melville Cruikshank, aged 84, who died on Monday 6th June at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. His funeral was on Tuesday 28th June.

Margaret Heffernan whose funeral was on Thursday 20th July at 11.30 p.m.

Mario Pescatore, aged 89, who died on Friday 1st July 2022 and whose funeral will take place at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 19th August 2022 followed by committal at Eltham.

Maria Rosa Fasano, aged 87, who died on Thursday 21st July 2022 and whose funeral will take place at 11.00 a.m. on Tuesday 9th August 2022 followed by committal at Sidcup Cemetery.

Thomas Patrick Bromhead, who died on Monday 18th July 2022, aged 90 and whose funeral will take place at Eltham Crematorium on Wednesday 24th August 2022 (with Requiem said earlier)

Brenda Catherine Clarke, who died on Wednesday 20th July 2022, aged 78 and whose funeral will take place at 9.00 a.m. on Thursday 11th August at 10.00 a.m.(at Church) with committal at Woolwich New Cemetery.

May the divine assistance remain with them always, and may their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.


Instaurare Omnia in Christo: "to restore all things in Christ."

Saturday 6th August The Transfiguration of the Lord, feast.

9.00 a.m. Confessions.

9.30 a.m. The Daily Rosary at home.

+10.00 a.m. [Latin 1962] Alicia & Goldwyn Rodrigues R.I.P.

11. 30 a.m. Baptism

2.00 p.m. Wedding of Mark Webb and Maria Sanju.

+ 6.30 p.m. NINETEENTH SUNDAY. (C) SAID. Eileen Budd W.B..

Sunday 7th August

8.30 a.m. The Daily Rosary

+ 9.00 a.m. SUNG. Mr. B. and Mrs. Ida Leitao R.I.P.

+ 11.00 a.m. SOLEMN LATIN MASS (with English Readings/ missa orbis factor). Mary Kilgannon R.I.P. (birthday anniversary)

7.00 p.m. Parish Social Evening in the Hall. All welcome.

Monday 8th August St. Dominic, priest, memorial.

9.30 a.m. The Daily Rosary

+ 10.00 a.m. Nuala Shea W.B.

Tuesday 9th August St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), virgin & martyr.

10.30 a.m. The Daily Rosary

+11.00 a.m. Funeral Requiem for Maria Rosa Fasano followed by committal at Sidcup Cemetery.

Wednesday 10thAugust St. Lawrence, deacon & martyr, feast.

Daily Rosary at home.


Thursday 11th August St. Clare, virgin, memorial.

8.30 a.m. The Daily Rosary

+9.00 a.m. Funeral Requiem for Brenda Clarke R.I.P. followed by committal at Woolwich New Cemetery.

Friday 12thAugust St. Jane Frances Chantal, religious.

9.30 a.m. The Daily Rosary

+10.00 a.m. Ferdie Rodrigues R.I.P.

6.00 p.m. Choir Practice.

Saturday 13th August Our Lady’s Saturday. T.C.

9.00 a.m. Confessions

9.30 a.m. The Daily Rosary

+10.00 a.m. (Latin 1962) Hammond. W.B.

12.00 noon. Baptism.

Confessions 6.00 p.m.

+ 6.30 p.m. THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. Solemnity. Helen D’Souza T.G. (on her ninetieth birthday). (Twentieth week of ordinary time)


O Immaculate Heart of Mary, refuge of sinners, I beg of you by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and by the graces God has granted to you since your Immaculate Conception, the grace of never going astray again.

Mother, keep me, a sinner, constantly bathed in the light of your Immaculate Heart. Amen.

With my blessings,

Fr Jonathon

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