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Pastoral Council Meeting Update

Patricia Kilgallon

20 Jan 2024

Minutes of STM Pastoral Council Saturday 20th January 2024 at 12.15

Minutes. 1. Opening prayer.

2. Present: Dorothy, Bernadette, TJ, Fr J, Patricia.

Apologies for absence: Obi.

3. Minutes of last meeting agreed. Fr to continue to update in relation to church funding. . Fr will continue to raise diocesan initiative on Formation, catechesis and leadership. He will advertise catechesis day taking place in Blackfen.

4.Parish priest report:

A. Monthly devotions continue with the theme of the month. The feast of Christ The King and Service for those who have died were well attended gave thanks to the parishioners who provided refreshments.

B. Advent and Christmas services for both school and parish were well attended and well received.

C. Aim to continue to deliver summer and Christmas events in the parish.

D.Financial report that shows outgoings and incomings at end of financial year . To be published in newsletter.

5.Reports from Council members.

TJ: Discussion on subscriptions and the way forward for parish newsletter by email and hall heating.

Dorothy: Willing to support parish ventures.

Bernadette: To support where needed.

Patricia: Well attended and popular Children's liturgy group.

Actions before next meeting:

TJ to meet with Melissa about parish email. To communicate with heating engineers.

Dorothy: To continue to support pariah events.

Bernadette: To support where needed.

Patricia: To remove Peter from what's app group. To facilitate Lenten reflections

Fr J: To inform parishioners of Candlemas day on 2nd of Feb. To inform parishioners of First communion dates on 16th/ 17th of June and Confirmation on 6th of October . Year 9 upwards.

Group discussion on directive for the church.

Prayer and blessing at end of meeting. Next meeting Sat 20th of April at noon.

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