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St Thomas More . Pastoral Council meeting.

Patricia Kilgallon

29 Jul 2023

Minutes of STM Pastoral Council



In attendance :TJ, Dorothy, Fr J, , Patricia.

Apologies: Bernadette.

Absent: Obi


1. Opening prayer.


2. Minutes of last meeting approved. Some clarification on hall contribution raised.


3.Parish priest report.


First holy communion in June was well received by communicants and their families. Confirmation included visit to Kintbury meal together and reception afterwards with Canon Victor Darlington.

STM family pilgrimage to Walsingham at which children including Altar servers were fully engaged.. Monthly devotions continue. Attendance at Saturday morning TLM has increased. Fr J presided with three other priests at farewell mass for Mrs Doran Hannon at end of school year. Rob Hills from SPUC visited STM. Natasha and Binu continue alternating for music contribution at 9 am mass. Altar servers continue to increase in number. The 11 o’clock choir will be taking a break for three weeks in August.

Works that are needed include: ceiling in hall, altar rails; leaky roof; flooring in sanctuary.


4. Discussion and ideas shared on STM parish event in September to help raise money for parish as well as bring various groups in parish for a community event.


5. Actions: Tejo to work on pastoral council emails. To include pastoral council minutes and agenda in parish newsletter. Dorothy and Patricia to contribute to Parish Event on behalf of Pastoral Council with Melissa. Fr J to include a brief overview of parish finances in parish newsletter.. Pastoral council to promote Parish Social event in September and fund raising for sanctuary floor.



Next meeting 4th of Nov at 12 noon.

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